Willing to formalize your partnership?

We are here to help you utilize the Civil Partnership Act 184(Ι)/2015 which is appropriate for couples who plan to live together or who are already living together but not married and may not intend to currently marry.

Civil Partnership is usually entered into when:

  • The relationship is expected to be a long one
  • One or both parties have a substantial amount of property going into the relationship
  • One or both parties have significant debts going into the relationship
  • One of the parties has significantly more income than the other
  • One or both parties expect to acquire property during the relationship ( e.g. from a business, an inheritance, a court award, a gift, or employment income)
  • One or both parties are bringing a child into the relationship
  • The parties expect to have child within the first two years of living together
  • The parties expect that spousal support may be an issue if the relationship ends.