Encountering recovery issues?

Debt recovery is a huge operational problem for businesses. The task of chasing payments from clients can often be a time consuming and frustrating process if you are not familiar with the procedures involved.

That is where we can support you by applying effective debt collection methods to collect as swiftly as possible your debts.

We can assist you at every stage of the debt collection process, including:

  • Sending a letter before claim to your debtor
  • Telephone calls chasing payment
  • Obtaining further information on your debtor
  • Investigating your debtor’s profile
  • Issuing court proceedings
  • Obtaining a Court Judgment against your debtor
  • Enforcing a Court Judgment and obtaining payment

As each case has to be judged on its own merits, the type of debt collection action will depend on certain criteria such as the profile of the debtor and the feasibility of recovering costs.

It is of our mutual benefit to understand your business and your business needs in order to decide on the most effective legal strategy. This enables us to act for you immediately and give you the confidence to carry on your business with minimal disruption.