Would you like to feel free of employment and labour issues at the work place?

We are able to help you handle your human resource challenges as they arise as well as to proactively establish policies to minimise the possibilities of such matters to evolve.

You will be able to benefit from our expertise which has transformed us into being a renowned leading employment law firm in Cyprus. Furthermore, you will be able to experience seamless problem resolution approach consequently, enabling your HR department to operate smoothly.

We are able to help you with advice and advocacy in literally all areas of labour law matters including but not limited to the following:

  • Advice on Business Transactions:
  • employment law counseling on virtually all labour and employment issues,
  • establishment of employment policies,
  • compliance practices,
  • strategy to maximize protection under employment laws and regulations,
  • business transactions involving employee layoff and transfer of undertakings concerns,
  • contract of employment,
  • termination of the employment relationship and their legal implications.
  • Employment Litigation:
  • employers representation,
  • employee representation,
  • redundancy claims,
  • unfair dismissal claims,
  • enforcement of employee’s rights,
  • severance payments,
  • health and safety claims,
  • labour accident claims etc.