Through the 21st century there has been a fast-moving technology development in all areas (fintech, foodtech, agritech, blockchain etc) which brought up new challenges and ethical dilemmas for the entrepreneurs. Such challenges involve the hackers, fraudsters and the new compliance framework which takes into consideration the protection of personal data, privacy, and cybersecurity. In order to be responsive to the new reality and accommodate our Clients’ needs, we have launched a department especially for such needs specializing in Tech Law and Innovation.

Tech Law aims in building the legal framework for an enterprise to enable to operate in the digital environment. Example of those frameworks are digital transformation of business projects, GDPR, e-shops, online platforms etc. We are therefore delighted to announce our new Tech Law and Innovation Department which will undertake a full range of legal services in the technology sector. Some of those services that now fall under the auspices of the Tech Law Department are:

  • Digital Transformation of Businesses
  • Blockchain
  • Crypto Currency
  • Online Business Setting Up
  • E-commerce Platform Design
  • Mobile Applications Design
  • Websites Legal Vetting (T&Cs, Cookies Policies etc)
  • GDPR Compliance
  • GDPR Audit
  • Assistance with a GDPR Audit
  • DPO Services
  • Advertising and Direct Marketing Restrictions
  • Copyright Law
  • Information Security Policies
  • Technology supply and procurement
  • Intellectual Property